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promise to serve the Client to the best of our Knowledge and Ability


The quality of work and manufacture is paramount to any client. We will do our best to adhere to those standards of manufacture and service to ensure our clients’ safety and to make sure the client gets his money’s worth.

Our story

We started off as a simple electrical contracting company in Dubai. Now Universal Phi has ventured itself into the energy sector. We in Universal Phi are taking baby steps to try to make a difference in the world by adhering to our principles of clean energy and reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. We are trying to be as efficient as possible with material usage & wastages. There is also an emphasis on the need to electrify the emerging World. Whatever follows hereafter is our way of making the World a better place.


Our Core Works

Sustainable, reliable & affordable energy systems, Find Your Solution Now!


Commercial, Residential & Industrial Systems!

Even though we are in the very early stages, we are spreading our wings in India, Africa and UAE. Our sales offices will be able to provide in depth solutions in the supply installation & supply chain process.


In talks for installation service for a 5 MW solar plant

In discussions for 2 x 50 kW rooftop solutionst.

In discussions for 100+ solar powered water pump solutions.

Successfully completed over 25 core electrical contract obligations.

Assisted completion of above 10 solar and electric installation. In talks for 7+ MW solar EPC.


Projects successfully executed.


Improving The Performance Of Solar Energy.

Discover Independence Using The Power Of Solar Panels!

We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey to energize society with affordable energy systems.

  • Reliabe and Durable
  • Solar material financing
  • In-time Commissioning
  • Very Efficient
  • access To Brand's of Customer Choice

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We take great pride in everything that we do, control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality service.